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Using the features of Live Meeting for Training

2 Feb

This week I was involved in a presentation on using Live Meeting as a virtual classroom. The presentation went well, but what I found most interesting was the audience response to the features of Live Meeting.

Originally Microsoft designed Live Meeting as a virtual meeting tool. However, its features, such as a whiteboard and polls, allow it to be used for training. For many in the audience, this seemed new and surprising. They assumed instead that Live Meeting would just function as a video conferencing tool.

In fact, I would argue that features such as polls in Live Meeting can actually enhance the learning experience (if used appropriately). Let me explain …

Have you ever been in a face-to-face meeting where no-one can make a decision and the issue at-hand goes round in circles? This is not so easy in Live Meeting when the participants are faced with a direct question in a poll that only allows “yes” or “no” as answers.

The same approach can be applied to learning – especially scenario based learning. You can use polls in Live Meeting to direct learners down certain paths with greater clarity. This is particularly useful for those learners who seemingly have less time than others (i.e. in the corporate world – leadership).

Of course, as with all implementation of learning, success depends on the quality of design. To use Live Meeting as a training tool, instructional designers need to become familiar with its features and figure out the best way(s) to deploy them.

However, as I found out this week, using the features in Live Meeting just might enhance the learning experience.