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Script writing and narration for Captivate

29 Dec

When creating a Captivate video, the option for audio is always something I consider in regards to enhancing the learning experience.

However, there are two factors that shape whether I decide to add audio to my video:

1. The script – do I have something more to say (and is important to say) than what is already conveyed in the video?

2. The narration – what would audio actually sound like in the video? Is it necessary?

If after answering these questions I decide to go ahead with audio, I need to start writing a script.

In the writing process, I think about the delivery of the script and how the spoken content will sound to the learner. A script full of jargon and complex words is both difficult to record and difficult for the learner to listen to. I try to keep the spoken content simple and direct. I also try to avoid repeating the content that already is displayed on the screen – the learner can read that!

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