My Top 10 Tools for Learning and Why (mid-year review 2012)

13 Jul

We are halfway through the year (2012), so for fun I thought that I would put together “my top 10 tools for learning and why” list. So here it is:

1. Twitter – I’ve been using Twitter for nearly two years. It is at the hub of my personal learning network.
2. OneNote – Has changed the way I take notes and develop my work.
3. Compfight – Is a Flickr search tool that I use for stunning visual images in presentations.
4. WordPress – Blogs bring you the bigger picture and WordPress allows me to blog anywhere/anytime.
5. Wikipedia – If I ever want to get the basics on a subject, Wikipedia is my go to. I also use iPhone apps ID Guru and kineo’s elearning tips for more specialized learning terms.
6. YouTube – Remains a vital learning resource. It has saved me on numerous occasions. My most recent favourite YouTube video is from eLearnerEngaged.
7. iTunes – I love listening to the “Down the Hall” podcasts.
8. Pinterest – I’m just starting to see the benefits of Pinterest for education – I’m thinking “visual thinking” may be the new “critical thinking.”
9. – Creating infographics is the new must have skill for the learning specialist and is a great tool to get started with.
10. Zotero – Is a research tool with a user-friendly interface that doesn’t scare you.

I’ll create another top 10 list at the end of the year and compare what’s changed. In the meantime, you can compare my current list with last year’s blog post on top 10 tools for learning and why.

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