The relationship between Instructional Design and Project Management

16 Feb

Recently, I have been managing some medium size projects. I’ve learnt a lot from the process, especially about the kind of skills that a project manager needs to be successful. I’m thinking in particular about organization, communication, team-building, and also problem-solving skills.

Interestingly these same skills are applicable to the work of an instructional designer. As instructional designers, many of us work on projects, under a project manager. Yet, the actual work we do, as instructional designers, often are mini-projects themselves.

Whether we follow the ADDIE model or Gagne’s Nine Events, as instructional designers we need to organize meetings and content, we need to communicate ideas and concepts, we need to build relationships with SMEs, and we have to problem-solve the ultimate question “how can we train this?”

An excellent resource for understanding the relationship between project management and instructional design is Brigham Young University’s Project Management for Instructional Designers. Check out the website here: Project Management for Instructional Designers


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