My Top 10 Tools for Learning and Why

4 Nov

The Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies are currently collating their Top 100 Tools for Learning 2011. To contribute to the Top 100 click the link below:

Creating a list of Top 100’s or even Top 10’s is an interesting exercise. It makes us think about what is important and why.

Here is my Top 10 tools for learning and why:

1. Twitter – tell me 10 years ago that I could have access to the ideas of learning experts from around the world for free and I would have said that you were kidding.
2. Wikipedia – not only can I find out about a subject but I can add to the content. May be Quora could integrate with Wikipedia?
3. YouTube – visual learning at my fingertips. ScreenR is also a valuable tool.
4. Dropbox – I’ll Dropbox-it – no matter the size of the file I can share it with a group.
5. Slideshare – give a presentation at a conference then share it for the world to view.
6. Prezi – not quite the death of Powerpoint, but so much better.
7. Diigo – my web browsing annotated.
8. Evernote – got an idea then Evernote it.
9. BEEDOCS (Timeline) – visual learning at its best.
10. WordPress – blogging made easy.

2 Responses to “My Top 10 Tools for Learning and Why”

  1. BillyMeinke November 10, 2011 at 6:54 pm #

    You’ve got a solid list there, covering social media, blogging, file sharing and some other cool aspects of learning. I agree, making a top 10 list really puts your tech tools under scrutiny. Keep it up!


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