Using multiple voices when narrating your training video

29 Jul

Sometimes one voice isn’t enough. Instead only mutliple voices can bring your training video to life.
I’ve been working on a video where a single voice doesn’t quite cut it. The original idea of the video was to have a single narrator who guides the learner through a day in the life of a mobile worker. However, it was felt that the interactions of the mobile worker and his co-workers were lost if their conversations were not given a voice(s). So the search has begun to find two additional voices.
This search has some challenges. First, is creating a script that reflects a natural, unforced conversation. Second, is sourcing the right voices for the characters in the video. Some voices don’t work when creating training videos. Too fast, and learners can’t keep pace. Too slow, and learner engagement drifts away. There are other factors to consider as well, such as ability of the person doing the voiceover to judge tone and volume.
In the ideal world, I would have the money to hire professional voiceover artists. In the real world, it is about finding the right work colleagues who you believe can deliver.


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