Snagit – tips and tricks

30 Jun

I spent 5 minutes this morning with my manager demonstrating Snagit. Snagit is a very handy tool for any instructional designer. It allows you to capture images on your computer and drop them into any content you are developing (quick-reference cards, manuals, e-learning etc …)
However, I found out this morning that Snagit is not that intuitive to use. So here are some tips and tricks:

1. There are two different interfaces. Snagit Editor and Snagit. Use Snagit to capture the image. Use Snagit Editor to manipulate that image.
2. Decide how you want to capture your image. In Snagit you have multiple options to capture an image, for example “All-in-One,” “Full Screen,” “Free hand,” and “Menu with time delay.”
3. Snagit also has an Input profile, with properties such as “Region,” “Window,” “Scrolling Window,” and “Menu.” Select the appropriate input for what you want to capture.
4. Left-click to capture the image. And be patient for the image to load into Snagit Editor.
5. In Snagit Editor, use the Image tab to crop, cut out, trim, rotate, and resize the image.
6. Want the image to appear in a Word document? Use the Send tab to send the image to a Word document.


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