How to work with a SME with a reputation

30 Jun

Right now I’m in the middle of an experiment and I’m not sure how it is going to turn out.

Currently I am working on a project with very tight deadlines. It’s a high profile project with a high profile leader who is also my SME.

Working with a SME who has a high profile presents a number of challenges. Here are two that I am currently facing:

1. Time – availability of time in particular. Whose at the top tend to have little free time. Calendars are usually full of meeting invites, while informal access is limited by the closed office door.
2. Reputation – my SME has a reputation. Colleagues have warned me about her personality. She is vocal, demanding, and driven.

So how can I successfully navigate this situation? I’ve started down a path with PowerPoint.

The project wants a number of training videos to support the roll out of a new system. That system goes live in a couple of weeks (they haven’t finished testing it yet!). My SME doesn’t know the process involved in creating training videos (the storyboarding, what tools to use etc … ). But my SME does know PowerPoint and is very comfortable creating content with this tool.

So far so good. PowerPoint has become the time saver that I was looking for (no need to train the SME on an unfamiliar storyboard template) and it has given my SME confidence in the video creation process.

Fingers crossed things continue down this “happy path.”


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