Lights, camera, action! – Making a movie trailer out of a project charter and some key messages

22 Jun

Last Friday I was assigned the task of creating a “movie trailer” for an application that is currently being designed. All I had to go on was the project charter and some key messages.

So how do you make a “movie trailer” out of essentially an elevator pitch?

First, I needed a story to base the trailer on. It was time for a meeting with the producers, the SMEs on the project. Of course I had questions – so what is the movie about? Has anyone written a script?

Once I had these answers, I started to storyboard. Storyboarding is perhaps the most creative element of my job. It is an opportunity to explore ideas, figure out what works and what doesn’t. And despite the open office environment that I work in, when I storyboard I can completely zone out.

With storyboarding done I needed some actors. In this case, I found some silhouettes from Articulate’s community blog –
Ok not the greatest actors of their generation (definitely one-dimensional) but having a limited budget meant I needed to compromise on the casting call.

So, here I am in “movie trailer” production mode. The movie itself has yet to be finished (some key scenes may even be deleted) but at least the trailer has a “two-thumbs up” from the critics.


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