A practical guide to creating learning scenarios

13 Jun

Recently I’ve been interested in creating learning scenarios in Captivate. A really valuable document that has helped me gain a better understanding of scenario learning has been Onlignment’s “A practical guide to creating learning scenarios.” Check out the document here:

Here are my top-tips from the guide:

1. Make the situation described to the learner seem relevant and authentic.
2. Challenge the learner about aspects of the situation.
3. Provide feedback. Learners learn by seeing the potential results of their decisions.
4. Learning scenarios are by nature interactive. Combine a more conventional case study with some means for collaboration, such as blog or even classroom discussion.
5. Scenarios can be used for applying critical judgement.
6. Scenarios can also be used for practising rule-based tasks.
7. Use whatever media are necessary to convey the storyline.
8. Branching allows learners to progress along different routes through the scenario and to experience different end points.


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