Will AR change Healthcare Education?

19 May

Will Augmented Reality (AR) change healthcare education? It certainly has the potential.
AR is a new technology that adds a layer of virtual information over the physical world, enabling mobile phone users to interact with their surroundings.
Now imagine a group of new doctors on a tour around a hospital with mobile phones in hand. Through AR they are able to explore the hospital, accessing information about each department/area as they tour around. Instead of interrupting staff at work, these new doctors are able to view videos recorded by staff explaining what they are doing/how the equipment works etc …
Undoubtedly, AR has the potential to be an excellent educational tool. For me, the way the technology allows the theory of the classroom to combine with the physical reality, makes AR a game changer.
For further information about Augmented Reality and how it is being used at Exeter University click this link:

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