The 1 Minute Video

18 May

We are currently working on a new training model, it’s called the 1 Minute Video.
In fact, the model is part of a blended learning approach to file management. File management is quite a dull topic. There is no way around it. Telling a learner to store their files in a folder doesn’t excite many people (filing isn’t the most fun job in the world). However, file management can be quite complex, especially when you throw in specifics regarding the organization that you work for.
For example, the organization that I work for has multiple network drives that have different functions. One drive is for your own work. Another drive is for sharing documents amongst colleagues. This drive contains quite a complex folder structure. Security preventing you from accessing certain folders only adds to the complexity, as does the filenames for the folders (I’m still not sure of the significance of an ampersand at the start of a folder name). New employees need to know this information, and some existing employees need reminding.
And here is the reason for the 1 Minute Video. Yes, file management is a dull topic, but it is an important topic. Employees may roll their eyes at a lecture on file management. But perhaps viewing a 1 minute video on storing your documents on your home drive may switch more learners onto the benefits and intricacies of file management.


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