10 minutes to enlighten 10 blank faces

15 Apr

Recently I’ve been in the classroom training Doctors on how to use a Thin Client.

While I enjoy being in the classroom and love talking about technology, this classroom experience has been challenging. Why? Time. That’s right, as an instructor I have less than 10 minutes to train Doctors about Thin Clients. And boy that’s a challenge.

Technology and Doctors sometimes mix and sometimes don’t. Eitherway, 10 minutes to make sure that they understand how a Thin Client works is pushing it.

So, this is how it goes. Ten Doctors are on a tour of a new facility. As part of the tour I have 10 minutes to explain how to use the new Thin Client devices that are located at the new facility.

Ten Doctors walk into the classroom. They all have blank faces. And the countdown begins. “You have 10 minutes,” the tour guide tells me, adding “could you hurry it up.”

So how do I enlighten 10 blank faces in 10 minutes on a subject they aren’t that really interested in?

First, I tell them that this will be short. Really short – less than 10 minutes! Reassuring them that they won’t be bored to tears, for a long time anyway.

Second, I try to add in some role play – not full role play. Just etching a picture of themselves in the facility moving from one Thin Client to the next.

Are the blank faces now engaged? Are they with me or are they thinking about the surgery they have to perform tomorrow?

Nope, still blank faces.

Now, I get animated. Well I turn to some props. Instead of a powerpoint presentation, I begin to entertain them with a SmartCard and a Thin Client. Waving the technology around. Cognitive learning mixed with visuals.

Am I getting anywhere?

Nope, still blank faces.

The end is near. Now I walk through a diagram explaining the differences between a Thin Client and a PC. The diagram is colourful and concise, some people might even call it simplistic.

Am I dumbing it down for Doctors?

Perhaps, but I think I’ve broken down some barriers. The blank faces look like they are going to ask some questions.

Then ….

“Time’s up!” the tour guide interupts the training. Ten minutes been and gone. Training over.

Blank faces nearly enlightened!


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