The iPad arrives – now what?

23 Mar

Ok, so over the last few weeks I’ve been spotting iPads around the office. The buzz, the excitement, the  great technological leap forward is upon us.

But just how can we turn the buzz into something more tangible? And what are the problems that we need to overcome to make the latest technology a success?

To turn the buzz into something real, we need to get iPads into hands and have minds turned to using them on a daily basis. The iPad needs to become more than a toy, it needs to be used for business.

And this is the first problem, getting people to use the iPad for work and not just for games. There are lots of advantages of using an iPad in a work setting – mobility being the most obvious.  However, what does an iPad for work look like?

Well, we need to identify what apps people could use that would make their working lives better. At the moment, we are looking at using the app iAnnotate for staff to annotate pdf documents. But what other apps could be used? 

The second problem is training staff on how to use these apps. They may have a ton of work friendly apps on their iPad, but if they can’t use them the iPad will become redundant.

So, training, training, training – and may be some support. The future is here, but the training never stops.


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