16 Feb

Recently I’ve been working on a project that is based on the creation of training videos.  These training videos would be viewed by staff before applying their training on-the-job.

In creating these videos, I began to think about how they would be consumed, e.g. how learners would learn. Essentially each video (11 videos in total) explained a separate function of an application. Learners could view all the videos together, or view whatever video they felt that they needed to review.  Thus, these videos functioned as perfect self-learning and I was pleased with achieving this initial needs analysis objective.

However, doubts still lingered. These videos required learners to take time out of their day to view them. Yet, the videos themselves were still short in duration. What if learners could view the content in these videos where and when they wanted, e.g just-in-time, on-demand training?  That sounded like mLearning.

So, is mLearning possible at FHA? The answer is complicated. The workforce is generally mobile, moving from site to site, patient to patient etc … However, mobility doesn’t necessarily mean suitability to mLearning. Do learners have the tools for mLearning? Some do, some don’t. And here is one of key challenges, mLearning may be desirable but is it possible?


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