The power of rapid e-learning tools

6 Jan

The number one reason why a rapid e-learning tool such as Captivate is so powerful, is the ability of an instructional designer to react immediately to any requested changes.

For example, one month after completing a video created in Captivate, my SME contacted me about a quick change. The change was needed immediately because the video was due to released to the whole organization the following day.

The change wasn’t that drastic – only the log on process had changed from an url link that users needed to type in to an icon on their desktops. However, it did mean that a number of slides needed to be removed and a new slide outling the new process had to be created.

With Captivate these changes were easy to implement and quick to turn around. Within an hour of the initial request, a new video had been created. The deadline for sending out the video had been met and the SME was relieved.


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