Learners – who ARE these people?

31 Dec

Naturally enough with 26,000 employees, learners at FHA are a wide ranging group. However, I believe that the differences are most pronounced with use of technology. Some have excellent computer skills, some have never used e-mail.

This diversity presents challenges both for instructional design and in choice of instructional technologies.

Would a learner who has never used e-mail be comfortable with a course that is solely e-learning based?

– Probably not.

Would a learner with excellent computer skills be frustrated in a classroom where there is more theoretical discussion than hands-on practice?

– Probably yes.

So what is the answer?

For me, there are two things you should do.

1. Get to know your learners before you implement your course.  How do they learn? What technologies are they comfortable with? 

2. Investigate whether you could design the same course in multiple different ways. Could the same course be available as e-learning as well as classroom? Could learners choose what type of course they take?


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