Where does Captivate fit into the ADDIE process?

24 Dec

The ADDIE model (Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, Evaluate) is a phased approach to building effective training materials/tools traditionally used by instructional designers. But as an instructional designer where does Captivate fit into the ADDIE process?

The decision to use Captivate would come out of the Analysis phase – defining the goals and objectives of the training. After planning an instructional strategy and choosing a delivery method, the next step would be start writing a storyboard for Captivate.

From Design to Development, your storyboard should come to life in Captivate with the content being entered into the project.

Implementation could be delivery of Captivate video, software simulation, or e-learning, all accessed via a LMS, CD-ROM, Intranet, or Sharepoint site.

Remember when in the Evaluation phase, make sure a copy of the final Captivate project is available for revising. There is nothing more frustrating than having a finished video but no project file to make  revisions to. The only option would be start a new project.


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