Forms on Demand – is LiveMeeting a training solution?

23 Dec

Forms on Demand is a piece of software that allows users to print forms related to specific patients. Training staff on this software was classroom based and approximately 1 hour long. However, feedback from staff indicated that there were problems with both the fact the training was classroom based (scheduling people to be in one location at one time was problematic) and the length of the course (the simplicity of the software for some users meant the course felt too long).

To overcome these challenges it was suggested that other training solutions could be offered.

After some discussion, it was suggested that the length of the course could be overcome through self-learning. This self-leanring would take the form of videos and a quick reference guide.

To overcome the problem of being classroom based, it was suggested that a virtual classroom environment could be used. As LiveMeeting had been recently rolled out, it seemingly offered a solution – the virtual meeting room could be turned into a virtual classroom!

Whether this solution will work is still to be tested. However, a virtual classroom does cut out the need to travel for training which surely is a benefit.

The benefits of training using a virtual classroom are discussed in this short video:


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